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27 10, 2008

Hydration for Sport

By |2017-12-18T16:06:52+11:00October 27th, 2008|Fitness Information|

In 2006 I published the findings of a year long study into the effects of hydration on body mass, performance (skills) and injuries in Australian Rules Football (ARF). Whilst this paper is specifically related to [...]

15 10, 2008

Stretching for sport

By |2008-10-15T04:35:09+11:00October 15th, 2008|Fitness Information|

1. Why and how stretching benefits the sportsperson. Can stretching alter results? Personally I have never been a huge fan of stretching pre exercise. I have known many athletes who stretch religiously pre exercise only [...]

14 10, 2008

Fitness Introduction

By |2008-10-14T10:52:02+11:00October 14th, 2008|Fitness Information|

In this section you will find various articles relating to fitness, health, preparation and performance. The articles will give advice from both an experienced point-of-view and also that of evidence based practice , with references [...]

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