Nova Peris

At the Sydney Olympics Quinney became more than a coach, he became my mentor. His enthusiasm and passion to see individuals achieve their absolute best saw our 4x400m team break a [...]


James Hird

...he is passionate about what he does...when I had my injuries in 1999, 2000, 2001, Quinny worked with me day in and day out. His commitment went beyond what was required. [...]


Cathy Freeman

...his motivational speech to us (at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games) was given in his typical, low key, relaxed fashion. Quinny has one of the best temperaments for a coach I've [...]


Lauren Hewitt

As an elite athlete you require dedication and commitment to succeed in your chosen field, but to do it on your own is nearly impossible. In Quinny I had a coach [...]


Hayden Foxe

John Quinns professional and scientific approach together with his knowledge and hands on training gave me the confidence to continue to play soccer at a professional level. Without Johns programe there [...]