As we approach the end of 2020, we all look forward to the new year with anticipation. History, no doubt, will regard this period as being defined by the pandemic that is COVID 19.  I would prefer to think of it as the test and realisation of international resilience. It is also a test of your own determination, commitment and drive.  A test of your ability to not only bounce back – but to bounce back better for the experience.

For this to take place, it will require significant changes in behaviour. As I write this, the thought of international travel from Australia is a combination of fond memories and  future dreams. Even travelling across borders within Australia at the moment, is severely compromised. This one example of what we previously took for granted,  is just one aspect of  a changed life as we knew it  –  both here in Australia and around the world.

I tell the athletes that I coach to remember three key factors:

  1.  Your behaviour is a reflection of who you are; where you have been and where you intend upon going.
  2. Your actions depend upon you being comfortable with who you are and what you have to offer others.
  3. Your life demands a philosophy. You have to know the why?



Together, these factors require a focus. A link to unite them all in the day to day actions of the individual. It requires clear and concise goals.    This then leads to other questions – some seemingly quite easy to answer; others not so:

i) What are your goals?

ii) What do you need to be happy?

iii) Is this commitment shown in your actions?

As with all things in life, you have a choice.  You can rationalise why you did or did not act in a certain way.  Did your choices reflect that of someone who was in pursuit of their goals and objectives? It should be noted that we do not always reach the high standards that we set. This can be due to things outside of our control such as the performance standards of others being superior. In these instances we need to acknowledge that attaining our highest standard possible is a huge achievement.

So when we talk about goals, perhaps the key question to ask  is  – how important is it really to you?

And that is the hardest question of all – sometimes we do not know the answer to it, until we are truly challenged. COVID 19 has provided the world with a massive challenge. Now we have the opportunity to ask the question – how badly do we want to make change happen? Sometimes we do not know how badly we want something – or miss something – until it is taken away.

If what you want is truly worthwhile – to you – then you will do whatever it takes to make it become a reality. Your reality. If it is not that important, then you can always excuse it with whatever reason, obstacle, block, challenge that you find comfort in utilising. The reality is, you possibly never wanted it badly enough….

We will all encounter challenges in life. Goals will help us to face these challenges and push on. I love the  quote:

The devil whispered in my ear: “You can’t weather this storm!”  I fought.

Today I whispered in the devils ear: “I am the storm”

In this time of great uncertainty, challenge and limitations may each of us find the necessary strength to fight. To struggle. To not lose sight of our true goals and ambitions.

Above all – to learn from the experience and become a definition of what resilience truly is.

John Quinn – December 2020