Just a quick update to let everyone know that John is safe and sound and not exposed to the terrorist actions taking place in Mumbai. He isn’t actually in Mumbai – he is in another city 400km away and security has been beefed up significantly in the area, including extra security with his ICL team.

Thanks to all those who have rung and sent emails/text messages. I am in Ahmedabad which is some way from Mumbai. Of course, terrorism has no borders and Ahmedabad has been the site of previous terrorism as recently as 4months ago.

The Indian Cricket League (ICL) have cancelled our match against Pakistan that was to be held tonight. They will advise us of the future of the ICL World Series in the next few hours. If indeed the series is cancelled, I may well be on a flight earlier than expected.

As you would be aware, Kahbul (the capital of Pakistan) also suffered a terrorist attack this morning. The Pakistan team is staying at a different hotel to the Bangladesh team – but security has been increased at all ICL hotels as of this morning.

We have been told not to leave the hotel under any circumstances. Security has been increased in and around the hotel. I have also been instructed to keep my room door shut at all times. Whilst I am confident that we are all safe, no one here is taking any chances.

I look forward to returning to Melbourne within the next few days.